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Hello and Welcome to Eva The Blog,

My life is just about to change. Many people are not able to shape their own destinies. You know, at some points in life, we need to stop and take a deep breath to keep going on. Especially, on big occasions as moving in to a foreign country that you don’t speak its language (thankfully with my love ♥ and I’m on that language thing :)), leaving your full-time job or getting married… See, these decisions are big enough to concern about and feel so lucky.

I was born and raised in Antakya, I’ve been living in Istanbul for more than 10 years and soon I’m gonna be an expat in Grasse. In my journey, I have been collecting lots of experiences in my bag. So, with these changes, it feels like the time has come, time to share discoveries and stories with you all. Meanwhile, I also expect you to share your own thoughts, experiences and all with me, you may leave a comment or mail me on hello@evatheblog.com


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